The Size of your room plays an important role in speaker selection and installation.

Room Size Rating Chart

Large Room with more than 5000 cu. ft. (L x W x H)
Medium to Large Room with 2500-5000 cu. ft.
Medium Room with 1800-2500 cu. ft.
Small to Medium Room with less than 1800 cu. ft.

We offer multiple choices for speaker installations:

1) In-Ceiling Speaker Installation.

2) In-Wall Speaker Installation.

3) On-Wall/Satellite Speaker Installation.

4) Bookshelf Speaker Installation.

5) Floor Standing Tower Speaker Installation.

Any of the above speaker installation options can be applied for:

a) 5.1 surround sound speaker system.

b) 7.1 surround sound speaker set up.

c) 9.1 surround sound speaker system installation.

We also offer Audyssey Surround Sound Calibration.

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