The days of keeping multiple remotes on your coffee table in order to control your audio video surround sound system are long gone!

Universal Remote Control Consolidation & Programming offers you the simplicity of using a single remote, iPad or iPhone to control all your devices, including the music in other rooms and areas of your home or office.

Pre-programmed party modes allow you to press a single button and relax as your system turns on,  favorite channel is automatically selected, energy efficient lighting, thermostat and power management are triggered

.    URC MX990 Smart Remote Control1


To request universal remote programming of your system, call us at 310.481.0612 or email us by clicking the following Contact Us link.

We need the following Details:

Do you already have a Universal Remote?

If you already have a universal remote control, what is the make and model?

How many devices you want the remote to control?

What kind of special features would you like?

a) Control Multiple Areas/Zones.

b) Extend Range.

c) Touch Screen Remote.

d) Table Top Remote with Charging Dock.

e) In-Wall Touch Screen Panel.

f) In-Wall Basic Keypad.

g) Macro Programming (Trigger a series of commands by pressing a single button)

h) Integration with Home Automation System.