Whether you are looking to remodel your living room and include full surround sound with the latest Ultra-Thin Flat Screen TV, or design a dedicated theater room with a projector and screen, BAVI can deliver results that surpass your imagination.

Custom Home Theater Design may sound like a fancy term, but at BAVI, it simply means the specific planning of audio visual system installation that fits our client’s budget, schedule and vision. Then we add the bells and whistles to make it MAGICAL.

We can design a custom theater that seamlessly blends in the existing environment, or we can turn your room into a dedicated theater/screening room with a specific theme and theater seats. There’s an old saying that “your imagination and your budget are the only limit”. At BAVI, we believe otherwise, that imagination and proper planning should help stretch the budget to push the limit of today’s technology.

To schedule a free phone consultation about our custom theater room design & installation, call 310.481.0612 or email us by clicking on the following link Contact US.