At BAVI, our design philosophy is straightforward: bring to life the client’s vision and style through collaboration and quality control.

The audio visual world can be quite daunting.  Our goal is to demystify that world for our clients.  You can be assured from start to finish that you will receive the most quality products and service available.

We believe that a well thought out design is simple, practical and upgradable.

Each client’s case is different.  However subtle the differences maybe, we feel that every specific need must be approached with a direct solution during the design process.

We strive to understand your environment to ensure your project fits your goals.  This is why we insist the client be involved from conception, to draft, to implementation.  Each step requires feedback and creative thought between BAVI and the client.  We take pride in collaborating with our clients and always seek approval and input from them.

Our philosophy and process continues to result in system designs that are reliable and easy to use.